Faber & Faber, 2006

De Bezige Bij, 2005
translated by Paul Bruijn
and Otto Biersma

Rutten & Loening, 2005
translated by
Thomas Haufschild

Plaza & Janes, 2005
translated by Silvia Alemany

Proszynski I S-ka, 2005
translated by Paulina Braiter

We’re All in This Together

(Bloomsbury USA, 2005)

The title novella of We’re All in This Together tells the story of George, the teenage son of a single mother, and the only grandson of a family of union organizers in Maine. George’s grandfather Henry, obsessed with the outcome of the 2000 election, has planted a giant billboard of homage to Al Gore in his front yard that he suspects has been defaced by the paperboy, now a sworn enemy. Meanwhile, George’s mother is about to marry Dr. Vic, who, besides being possessed of an almost royal obliviousness, may even have voted for George W. Bush. George is a nervous accomplice to his grandfather’s increasingly unhinged behavior, and a righteous adversary at war with his mother over her marriage. George’s struggle is a funny and moving parallel for our times: How will we fight? All together, or all alone? Featuring four other stories that range from the concerns of an itinerant dentist with a taste for nitrous oxide to the deep shadows of old Coney Island to the exotic mysteries of a discount mall, this funny, insightful, and always entertaining collection launches the career of an extraordinarily talented writer.