Dear All,
It’s my pleasure to share some amazingly generous advance praise for Intro to Alien Invasion, courtesy of my favorite comedian:

Intro to Alien Invasion smuggles a sly, affectionate portrait of today’s train wreck college campus culture inside a fast-paced alien invasion saga. I couldn’t stop reading it!” — Patton Oswalt, New York Times bestselling author of Silver Screen Fiend

Is that cool, or is that cool? That is cool. Thank you, Mr. Oswalt!

The first review has also arrived, and it’s a good one. Kirkus says, among other things: “The story is told with energy and a subversive charm somewhere between Edgar Wright and Eli Roth.” Read the whole thing here.

The book is slated for publication on September 15th, and my co-conspirators (Mark Jude Poirer and Nancy Ahn) and I will be making a few appearances to sign copies and lecture the public on extraterrestrial defense preparedness. Here’s what’s scheduled:

*Sept. 16, 7pm at Oblong Books in Rhinebeck, NY
*Sept. 21, 7pm at Newtonville Books in Newton, MA
*Sept. 30, 7pm at Book Court in Brooklyn, NY

If you would like to order a signed copy of Intro to Alien Invasion but don’t live in range of one our events, Oblong Books has an order page set up and they will happily ship one to you. They can even send overseas if you email them with your details.

Other scattered bits:

*I have a story, “Confederate Wall,” in the latest issue of Subtropics (#19). You can get a physical copy here, or an electronic copy here.

*My friends at Cemetery Dance Press are publishing a new edition of my first book, We’re All in This Together. It has a glorious cover designed by Amanda Spielman, it’s been given a fresh copy-edit by the eagle-eyed Jennifer Krazit, and writer-editor-critic John Freeman has agreed to contribute an introduction. An extra story has also been added: “The Idiot’s Ghost,” which has only appeared previously in the Fairy Tale Review.

*I had a terrific conversation with Rob Neyer about Alison Gordon’s remarkable baseball memoir, Foul Balls, that you might like to check out.